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5 Breathtaking Personal Growth TED Talks

I come with breathtaking motivation from great people. We all love TED Talks, don’t we? They always give us information, motivation and all good things regarding a particular topic. In this post, I have compiled some of my favorite personal growth TED Talks. I really love TED Talks and I hope you enjoy what I have for you!

In my previous post, I talked about the best things about personal growth. The aim was to inspire you to take on the journey of getting to know who you really are and attaching purpose to your life. Today, (drumrolls please), these personal growth TED Talks will inspire you to take the step. In addition, they will guide you on how to go about it.

Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.

William Faulkner

Here are the 5 breathtaking personal growth TED Talks and a bonus of course (that’s a signature here!). You can listen to one daily from today. If you are too lazy to listen to all of them, number 3 was my best! Don’t miss that one, please! In addition, if you are in a position where it is quite challenging to listen to them now, bookmark this page and you will come back later and enjoy.

1. The Psychology of Self Motivation

Part of self-improvement is learning to keep yourself motivated. The journey of personal growth has to be your choice and this TED Talk tells you how to stay motivated in this journey by understanding how self-motivation works. From this personal growth TED talk, you get to know how you can learn anything and be who you want to be.

Scott Geller talks about being a success seeker rather than a failure avoider. He asks three fundamental questions: Can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it? There are 4 C words that can fuel motivation. I know Choice is one of them, find out the other 3.

I also loved the story he gave about learning how to drum because it has inspired me to continue learning how to play piano (I had fallen into distress!).

He closes by saying that we need humility to accept feedback and the confidence to speak up and teach others.

2. The Dark Side of Self Improvement

When this TED talk started I thought I would not relate to what she was talking about. To my utmost surprise, I judged wrong. Suzanne Edar talks about a different aspect of self-growth. She talks about how one perceives themselves on the dark side and why that dark side exists. Most of us think we have a problem and we think that the solution is to fix it while in the real sense that is not the case.

There is nothing wrong with you, she says. When you think there is something wrong with you, you create experiences that actually prove that. One important fact she states is that everybody’s path to fulfillment is unique. One thing I love is that she clarifies the difference between learning from someone (those who have achieved what we wish to achieve) and giving away your power to someone.

Take away lesson: Pause, Go within, Ask “What do I need to create/explore?”

3. Self Love, Be Intentional

Caitlyn Roux asks a very important question; one that I wish we would all ask ourselves: What defines you as a person? Through her high school life she defined herself by 3 things. She did not know herself and was a people pleaser. I don’t blame her because I think I was there too.

However, she discovered something great. Happiness is something you create for yourself. She began to let go of what was defining her and began to understand herself. Unlike physical growth which happens naturally, spiritual, mental and emotional growth is intentional not natural.

She talks about the value of self-love and two other important questions you should ask yourself daily. One thing I love is that she tells us that if you do not love yourself then you limit your capacity to love others. This is something I preach daily! I learned that I am on the right path by choosing to focus on myself.

And, this happens to be the personal growth TED Talk that took my breathe away!

4. Forget big change, start with a tiny habit

I loved listening to this one because I learned how to make a change and start new behaviors in my life. Most of the time, when I start something at one point in time it either becomes too difficult or I lose motivation for it. However, after listening to Fogg talk I got an ‘aha’ moment.

Fogg talks of celebrating immediately after accomplishing a habit and he goes ahead to show different methods of celebrating. My personal favourite is affirming to myself that I am awesome. He encourages you and I to practice changing our own behaviours and tells us what it takes to form long term behaviours. There are three elements needed for behaviour change. Find out what they are and how to apply them in your life.

Personal growth is all about change and improving. This TED Talk tells us how we can make the change we want!

5. Stop Sabotaging Yourself

When this talk started, I quite did not understand what was happening so if you experience the same thing, just be patient. Debi Silber starts off by giving 3 examples of people who sabotaged themselves. It is my hope that you will not sabotage yourself and if you relate to those examples, I believe it is not too late!

However, she talks about why most people fall off from the journey of personal growth. She confirms that the self-growth journey is scary and after discovering how great we can be, we risk losing a lot as well. It is quite hard to lose your old self but when you get used to growing then growth becomes a part of you.

This talk will give you the strength to push through with your journey of self-development. Debi explains why we fear to change and the benefits that come with sticking to the journey when you kick out the sabotage spirit in you!

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This personal growth TED Talk is unique. It mainly focuses on developing a growth mindset and how you can develop the mindset for yourself and others.

I chose this as a bonus because for you to develop yourself you need to have a growth mindset. A growth mindset appreciates the process more than the end result. In personal growth, the process is most important because self-growth is a journey, not a destination. I don’t think it is possible to say that you know yourself 100%, you know how to deal with everything and that your journey has now ended because you cannot learn more. Why is that?

Environment changes, every day we meet new people, new challenges, our job changes, you grow physically and in each phase of life, you are faced with a different question.

I felt it is important to make you aware that you need to develop a growth mindset. Here is a quote that I really loved and you should never let go of it or forget it ever is:

If we win because we are winners, then when we lose, it must make us losers.

Josh Waitzkin

What I got from that quote and you too will get when you watch the video is not to think that you are good at something because it is part of you neither should you think that you are bad at something because you cannot do it. You are good because you have put in the effort and as for being ‘bad’ it just means you are not there YET (meaning you’ll get there someday)!


I hope you have enjoyed listening to these personal growth TED Talks. Writing this post was so fun because I got to listen to every talk and got to understand each of them and their value. I listened to so many others before I chose these ones so trust me, they must be good. With those, I really hope that you will enjoy the process of developing and knowing yourself.

If you are new to personal growth, read my post on the best things about personal growth next. If you love TED Talks like me, here are the best TED Talks under 5 minutes of all time.

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