• Christmas on a budget
    Holidays & Celebrations

    Omg! The Best Christmas On A Budget Ever!

    December is finally here. I guess it is everybody’s favorite holiday but trust me, it is the worst time for your pocket. Everybody is shopping and getting all sorts of good stuff. But really, Christmas is about spreading love and feeling good about yourself. The interesting thing is that you do not need a lot of money to have an amazing Christmas. This is how to have the best Christmas on a budget.

  • Your Relationship Needs Long-Term Relationship Goals

    Why Your Relationship Needs Long-Term Relationship Goals

    I really used to think that some things in a relationship are normal and natural. A while back, I would look at successful relationships and think they were just meant to be soul mates. Then a light dawned on me. Relationships need work and part of the work is to make long-term relationship goals. These goals are very important and they help to know a lot about your relationship and could save you from wasting time.

  • The trick on how to set goals and accomplish them
    Motivation,  Self - Improvement

    The Trick on How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them

    From the time we were young, we were always told to set goals. Whether it was writing down targets or matching up to our parent's standards (keeping your room neat); these goals were and still remain important. When we set goals, we give ourselves a chance to become better individuals. Successful people set goals and have a clear plan on how they will accomplish them and stay on track.

  • Easy breakfast ideas that you should try.

    Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas That You Will Love!

    I seriously love breakfast. It is the meal that I value most in a day because it contributes to starting my day on a positive note. As usual, time is very limited in the morning. So, I really love quick and easy breakfast ideas because it means that I can still enjoy my breakfast without getting late. This post gives you easy breakfast ideas that will help you say no to skipping breakfast.

  • Health + Wellness,  Home Workout

    Why You Should Be Doing These 7 Stretches Daily

    The power of stretches is often underestimated. We remember to work out but we do not stretch after. Even for those who don't work out, stretches are very important. After a day of going up and down, you really need to release the tension in your muscles. I found 7, just 7 stretches that I love and the best part about these stretches is that you can do them before bed (like I prefer to do) or after work out.

  • Just say no!
    Lifestyle,  Motivation

    How To Say No Without Breaking A Sweat

    Are there times when you really want to say no but you just cannot? Or your friend has invited you somewhere but you really wanted to rest on that day, instead of declining the offer, you said yes? Yeah, I too have had such times. Why is it that we find it hard to say no? Is it really that hard? Let's find out.

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