Love every stage of your life.
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Why You Should Love Every Stage Of Your Life!

There are just moments you sit and wonder, will I ever get there? Maybe it is a business you want to start or maybe it is the grades you want to improve or even it could be a relationship you are looking for. Do you ever look at the people ahead of you and envy them as you wonder how and when will I get to where they are? These questions can be very discouraging and that is why you need to learn to love every stage of your life.

This goes without saying; a lot of people who have made it never tell us the shady times that they had to go through. We find them successful and we tend to think that they have always been successful. The journey to the top is tedious and if that is where we want to go we have to go through the tough times.

Great men are not born great, they grow great.

I believe the toughest time is when you start something. When you make a decision to put effort somewhere, so much happens at once; from fears to actual mistakes all the way to wondering if you will succeed. At such a point is where you have to start to love every stage of your life. What does that mean?

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Those low moments in your life mean something. The high moments will also mean something. The greatest question is, how will you know its a high moment if you haven’t experienced the low moments. Everything and every stage in life is a lesson to be learned and a stage to be loved. Nobody will speak proudly of how hard they had to work before they got where they are today.

We read books but nobody will ever tell you a tactic they used to get where they are. There is no recipe for success; you just have to create your own. The thing is, if it worked for him/her, it does not mean that will automatically work for you.

Even the successful people still have targets they would like to achieve. Probably much harder and riskier than you could imagine. Life is a game, you will be scored but sometimes you will score. You are where you are for a reason. It is possible that if you were in a higher place you could lose it all, or if you were in a lower place you would be under-utilized.

I have learned that every stage occurs for a reason, I have failed in order to save myself from further failures. What stands out each time is that when I accept and appreciate the situation at hand, I learn something new that eventually usually saves me from more trouble.

They never know the story of us before the glory.

Even when we read or listen to the struggles that somebody went through, we feel motivated for a second and as soon as we remember his/her net worth we forget everything and resume asking will I get there? It is our struggles that define us and how we choose to sort out our problems determines our growth rate.


It is important to love every stage of your life because every stage has a meaning. You cannot appreciate the good times if you do not know what bad times feel like. There would be no summer without winter or autumn without spring. Stop comparing and competing with them, it is your life. Whatever it is you are going through now, do not let it pass without learning a lesson from it. Learn to love every stage of your life. Make your dreams come true.

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