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The Truth on How to Make Someone Feel Better

Are you perpetually making people feel miserable about themselves? There are times when one feels really low and one word could either make or break them. How can you make someone feel better about themselves? This post will discuss things you may be doing that may be hurting someone and generally how to make someone feel better by doing small things.

In life, we cannot make everybody happy. At the same time, there are sadists who always ensure you at your lowest. How do you know you are a sadist? Are people avoiding you? When you talk does everybody react negatively or in a manner to show they don’t care?

On October 10, we celebrated World Mental Health day but the rate of suicide is on the rise. Do you know when to ask your friend what’s really happening in their lives? We are living in a world where we are so hard on ourselves and self-centered. When we come across people who have a light heart, we just don’t know how to go about it.

If you meet somebody, how do you react? Does it mean because he/she is a stranger you will be rude to them? Are you kind and welcoming to others? These are the simple questions you ask in order to know whether you know how to make someone feel better.

I would be lying if I said that I have never made anybody feel bad about themselves. Sometimes it is by mistake and other times my character may offend them. All the same, it is not only those who are sad who need to be made to feel better; everybody deserves to feel good about themselves. 

First things first.

Did you know that how you make others feel reflects who you truly are? I always say that one cannot give what they don’t have. If you are not happy and kind to yourself there is no way you can transmit happiness and kindness to others.

There are people who are constantly negative. These people if you search keenly have some bitterness within them but they are not aware of it. There is a reason behind their negativity. If you are one of them, figure out what you are bitter about and work on it. Then, you will begin to see a new way. 

On the other hand, there are people who are always very lovely, jovial and happy. They are quiet and being around them makes you naturally happy. They rarely want to hurt anybody but sometimes love to gossip. These people can be deceiving at times. Why?

These people are either very content and happy in life or are fighting a battle that is very tough but they don’t want anybody to know. Some fear rejection and that is why they are very nice to others. These people emit joy because they are already happy or they do not want anybody to feel unhappy.

Lastly, there is everybody else. They are not always happy neither are they negative. This is a typical person going through a normal life trying to find their own happiness, work very hard to achieve their goals and dealing with normal stress. These people make you feel exactly what they are feeling. If they are not happy that day, do not expect they will emit happiness. My focus is on this group.


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There is no way you will always be happy. There are days you feel very exhausted and tired. Remember, you will make others feel just how you are feeling. Therefore if somebody is in a bad mood, you will make their mood worse. Hey, I’m not pressuring you to always be happy.

To make someone feel better, you have to control your feelings and do a little few random acts of love. By doing this, you can also shift from feeling bad to feeling good. Making somebody feel better is easy because it starts with you.

With all that in mind, how can you make somebody feel better?

1. Always say hi.

It does not matter how are feeling today. When you meet your friends say hi. The guy seated next to you, just say hi. No long conversations. One word ‘hi’ can change somebody’s entire day. Before you ask a guard a question, say hi.

Picture this, somebody left home feeling unwanted. This person meets you and you greet them with a smile. This person feels loved. If 10 people say hi to this person, he/she will no longer feel unwanted. That’s the point, you made them happy.

It shouldn’t worry you whether the person will say hi back. Your duty ends at saying hi. It is very hard to practice this but when you can please make somebody’s day better by saying hi.

2. Smile, keep smiling

Aaaahhh, how now? I know this is tough. There are days I seriously cannot afford a smile. On these days I usually ask myself, am I not alive? Smiling especially when you are around people is infectious. Somehow, everybody starts feeling like they should also be happy.

When somebody looks at you smiling, what do you do first? Check if he/she is actually smiling at you, smile back and ask them what makes them happy. Or maybe the last part doesn’t happen. 

Your smile gives people energy to be happy. 

3. Appreciate

It is not always that we appreciate those around us. Words like ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re looking bright today’ have been forgotten and associated with something different. When people meet me and tell me something good, I find a reason to be happy.

Do not be dependent on what others say. But, make someone’s day. Tell them they are looking nice today. Or on a light note, remind them that it is never that serious.

I once read a tweet of someone who told a girl that she was looking beautiful. It was an honest opinion but she shared it with the girl. She could not believe the smile on her (the girl) face and the girl told her that she had made her day.

Yeah, it is simple. Just appreciate!

4. Know when to talk and when to sshh!

Earlier, I asked whether you know when to really ask your friend what is happening. Sometimes it is best to give someone time and let them have their moment. At times, you need to help your friend speak out.

People’s personalities are different. Observe your friend and find out the best environment to ask them. Make sure you also regularly check up on your friends. Take some time off and catch up. Talk about life and exchange opinions. This will make your friend feel better and help you understand each other.

In other times, space is the answer. Healthy space! If your friend doesn’t want to talk, let them be for that day. Allow him/her to take the day off. When you find an opportunity to talk, don’t hesitate. Don’t forget to appreciate them or say hi.

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The Truth

Making someone feel better starts with you and the little things you do daily. It does not take much to change somebody’s mood. That guard who opens the gate for you, say hi. The person sweeping where you are passing; say hi and compliment their work.

It is that easy. It is all about mindful living and everybody will be a step closer to being happy. 


It does not take a lot to make someone feel better. Who knows? Maybe your small acts will make the world a better place. It might be the reason why somebody will have energy to live another day. 

It is all about spreading love and making people feel good about themselves. Let me know if this was beneficial in the comments.

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