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If You Read One Article About Home or Gym Workout, Read This One!

Yes, yes you are in the right place. How many times have you looked for a gym then thought or maybe I can do it by myself at home? Home or gym workout? Fitness is a struggle especially in the world of today where we are looking for quick-fix solutions to our problems. Sometimes I even ask myself, must I work out? Guess what, I have never been a fan of the gym. Wanna know why?

So back in time, when everything was about going to the gym; I really wanted to start going to the gym (due to influence obviously). A friend of mine was really against it for one reason; once you start going to the gym you should never stop. He had a very negative opinion about the gym so I decided I will not argue instead I will gather statistics.

As time went by, I realized that as soon as somebody stopped going to the gym; all the weight that they had shed would come back faster than before. My friend had always worked out from home and even when he had short breaks; he would not add weight as such. From my little observations, my hate for going to the gym developed.

On the flip side, home workouts are not any easy. You need very high levels of determination and motivation. When you make going to the gym a routine, it becomes quite easy coz you don’t want to feel guilty if you miss a day. Making home workout part of your routine was much harder than I had imagined.

As much as I hate going to the gym, it has its own benefits. You get a trainer and all sort of equipment to give you the perfect body shape. There is more motivation in the gym definitely. However, the cost may be quite high for many people.

I will give 3 good reasons I love home workouts as opposed to gym workouts. Let’s begin:

1. You teach yourself how to stay motivated.

Home workout forcefully teaches you to develop a habit of staying motivated. This happens to me a lot as I have to constantly have self-talk of why I need to work out. With time, this will become a very good habit that will help you in other parts of your life. You will rarely find yourself giving up on your projects because with time you will have learned how to keep yourself upbeat and focused.

2. You take charge of your fitness journey.

Home workouts are quite more sustainable than gym workouts. If you move to a new location, there is no worry; work out continues. If the gym at your place shuts down operation, again you are not affected. You also make your own fitness goals and get more motivation to stay on track. If you are like me who likes to be in control of your life; for at least what you can control, then yeah home workout all the way!!

Please note that it is good to consult with your doctor before you endeavor into some exercises and also if you experience unusual pains.

3. It is a more affordable option.

No registration/membership fee required and you do not need any equipment to start. I get to save money and stay fit. Yeah, I love everything that causes less pain to my pocket.


Don’t get me wrong, I do not discourage anybody from going to the gym. It might be the better option for you. All the same, for those who cannot afford the gym or for some sort of reason cannot access a gym; you can work out at home. Home workouts are as effective as going to the gym.

Just because you cannot go to the gym should not be an excuse for you not to keep fit and stay healthy. Lack of a trainer does not mean anything; I mean why does Google exist? Staying fit these days is not an option, so do not make excuses.


Whether home or gym workout; remaining fit and healthy requires constant effort. Something that could be best for you could be bad for someone else. There are plenty of home workouts available including apps. I have tried some and have worked very well for me. Do not make an excuse that the gym is inaccessible; you can do it from home.

I would like to know, which one do you prefer: Home or gym workout? Why?

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