Fathers' Day special message

Father’s Day Special Message + Free E-Cards

Happy Father’s Day to all the lovely and amazing dads. Being that today is Father’s Day, I thought I should pop in with a ‘micro-blog’. I have a Father’s Day special message dedicated to all the fathers. Dads are special humans whom the world often forgets to appreciate. They play a great role in our lives and – I don’t think – I know that they deserve to be told ‘Thank You’. Here is a special letter to our dear fathers.

If you are a father reading this, your child loves you so much that is why they have dedicated this letter to you. If not, feel free to share the letter with your father. For wives looking to wish their husbands a happy Father’s Day, there is something for you at the end of the post.

Father’s Day Special Message

Dear father,

Today I want to appreciate for everything that you have done in my life. Thank you for your constant presence in my life. You have stood by me always and ensured that I always had somewhere to stay and something to eat. For every day that you woke up and worked so hard for me, thank you, I appreciate.

Father, you taught me invaluable lessons that I am grateful for. You contribute a great deal of what I am today. You’re always there to take care of each of us and ensure that our family thrives. The world may not see the importance of your role, but I do and without you, my life would not be the same.

The time you have spent with me cannot be taken for granted. Your wisdom is beyond measure. When I was a child, you acted like a child (playing with me, talking to me in a way that I could understand you and teaching me what I did not know) and gave me all the attention I deserved. As I grew up, you gave me advise and became a role model in my life.

I count myself lucky to have a dad like you. You are irreplaceable. Even though there will never be a perfect dad neither will there be a perfect child, you are a perfect dad for me. Thank you for loving me.

I wish you the best Father’s Day, dad!

Yours lovingly,

From your child.

happy fathers' day


I hope that you share this letter with all the fathers out here. They too deserve to be loved and appreciated. Even if you will not manage to get a physical gift for him (can be hard sometimes), or distance separates you, make sure he gets that special message from you.

Special Father's Day Message
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You know how much I love e-cards, yah? They are clutter free and could be kept longer than physical cards. Also, you can send them, and they reach the recipient almost immediately. Yeess!! I have designed four Fathers’ Day special e-cards. There is one for your dad, your grandpa, for wives to husbands and one for a father you want to appreciate. Find them for free in the Free Goodies section and wish a father a special Father’s Day.


As I indicated this is a micro-blog, therefore, it is very short. Make sure to subscribe and get access to the four special cards. Enjoy the rest of the day!

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