Christmas depression

Learn to Conquer Christmas Depression like a Pro

The festive season is officially over. Ahhh! That makes me sad in a way. I don’t know about you but after the festivities there is usually some sort of Christmas depression. Don’t you miss just being in that spending and partying spirit? I normally feel some sort of depression especially feeling like you miss family, home, the vacations and everything festivity related. In this post, I tell you how I am able to pick myself up and get the motivation to work harder even after feeling and going through that Christmas depression.

Christmas Depression

What is Christmas depression? Does it even exist? For the many people I have interacted with, they admit to feeling some sort of sadness after the festivities. This happens if you really had a good time and enjoyed yourself to the max. Or it could be because you enjoyed the free time and you are not ready to go back to work.

I need one of those long hugs where you kinda forget whatever else is happening around you for a minute.

Marilyn Monroe

That sadness and negative feeling is what I refer to as Christmas depression. I was a victim before but now, I have learnt to accept the seasons. When they end, well, I just move to the next season.

Digging deeper . . .

First, the extent of your sadness after Christmas depends on what you did during that period. Personally, during the month of December, I care least about the food I am eating, I can eat chocolate every day and that can’t bother me and of course, I don’t work out. Well, I don’t regret but the kilos/pounds I gained, I am now struggling to lose them.

Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Nevertheless, that is just the material stuff. There are definitely more sentimental things we do during Christmas that make us look forward to the next Christmas as well as experience some sort of depression. What I love most about Christmas time is spending time with family and close friends. Whether it is a trip or just a coffee date, it always means the world to me. December is a great time to reunite with people and make new memories. That does not mean you can’t do it in January or any other month but of course December makes it more special.

The other thing I miss most is the days away from work. From 21st December most people resumed work on 7th January. That was one long weekend. If you hate your job, you must be more depressed than the rest of us.

All the same, after December a lot is usually in a mess. From our minds to our personal space. My main objectives for January are usually to set my annual goals and to get my life in order by forming routines.

Conquering . . .

1. Embrace

One good way to conquer the depression is to embrace what you have and learn to accept. The fact that I gained some (not even a few) pounds/kilos is all good. I have chosen to accept it and work on it. I can’t hate myself for it. Instead, I choose to direct my energy towards maintaining a healthy diet. This always works because you start thinking of how to make your life better and not how much fun you had.

Take time to just look for the good things you wish to accomplish and what you expect of yourself by the end of the year. This is the best time to put up a savings plan for your December trip – haha!

2. Habits

This (and now) is the best time to form habits and routines. I have challenged myself this January to wake up early and have a morning reflection. So far, it has worked so well that I am so proud of myself. Each day, my morning routine becomes better and clearer. Which means by end month, I will be so used to it that I won’t find anything difficult to maintain. When you achieve what you have planned, congratulate yourself so that next time you have twice the energy to accomplish.

When you form habits, you get other things to think about except what you did during Christmas.

3. Love

Lastly, learn to love your life. Our mission as El Mieles is to help you love your life and spread the love. If you actually love your life, then the feeling of depression is reduced. When you enjoy what you do it is very easy to go back at it and continue making things better.

Even if you feel like there is nothing to love in your life, search deep inside. Sometimes loving your life means accepting where you are and working to make yourself better. Make an effort at least to identify one good thing in your life.


It is a bit too late for this one but you could use it next time. Whenever you have festivities or something huge happening that you know you will enjoy always remember that it will come to an end. Prepare yourself psychologically that it will come a time when the events and festivities will be over and your life will continue as was. These moments don’t last forever and therefore take time to meditate and prepare for the aftermath.

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I wish you a happy 2019 and see you again on Thursday!


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