• qualities that men want in a woman

    Cracking The What Men Want In A Woman Secret

    For a long time trying to understand what men want in a woman for them to commit has become an uphill task. After plenty of research and reading, I found out that maybe it is not that hard. I discovered 9 qualities that make men want to commit. These qualities are what men really want. The best part is that they do not involve you trying to change him.

  • Your Relationship Needs Long-Term Relationship Goals

    Why Your Relationship Needs Long-Term Relationship Goals

    I really used to think that some things in a relationship are normal and natural. A while back, I would look at successful relationships and think they were just meant to be soul mates. Then a light dawned on me. Relationships need work and part of the work is to make long-term relationship goals. These goals are very important and they help to know a lot about your relationship and could save you from wasting time.

  • Make Relationship Work

    11 Easy Ways to Make Your Relationship Work and Fun

    Regardless of how much in love you are with somebody, it comes a time when you feel like things are stale. Nothing seems fun anymore. Or, have you run out of fun activities to do together?  The fantasy and that jittery feeling have disappeared. What to do yet you want to make your relationship work? The next minute, you feel like your relationship is crumbling. This post is designed for you. I will discuss 11 simple and inexpensive ways to make your relationship fun and in the process will make your relationship work. The good thing about these things is that they can be repeated time and again. Whether your relationship…

  • Resolving conflict in relationships

    The Secret To Successful Conflict Resolution in Relationships.

    Conflict resolution in relationships is fundamental to having a strong, stable and healthy relationship. Conflict is the one thing that is constant in every relationship and normally starts with very small things like which movie to watch or which restaurant to visit. The conflict advances to whose parents to visit or where to relocate to. Normally, we all have different opinions and ways of seeing things. For us to appreciate our differences, we need to know how to respect those differences and the best way to solve conflicts without feeling like our opinions are not being heard.

  • Dealing with the past

    Forgiveness: How to Deal With The Past in Your Relationship

    The past is a very important part of our lives especially when we are building our relationship’s foundation. To a very great extent, dealing with the past involves a lot of forgiveness. You must be willing to forgive yourself and your partner. So many things contribute to our past; our decisions, how we were brought up, our past relationships and other circumstances that life gave us. The question then becomes, how can I be happy in my relationship and deal with the past without it affecting me?

  • Communication is key.

    Is Communication the Reason Your Relationship is Failing?

    I must admit that I myself am not or was not good at communication until I met Mister. Good news! You’re not alone. He taught me what communication exactly means. It means that if you do not feel like doing something just say it, don’t pretend or assume that someone will know. If things are not working out as per your plan, speak it out. My main worry was that I would hurt someone if I told them the truth. News flash! It hurts less if you talk about it. Communication really changed a lot of aspects of my life and relationship.

  • Bible

    How to Have A Healthy Relationship: 5 Verse Guide

    Are you in a healthy relationship? How can you make your relationship healthy? Are you almost giving up on this relationship? You have tried everything and it is not working. Looking up to God might be what you have always missed. These five Bible verses will help you make your relationship healthier and stronger. Whether married or not; for as long as you are in a relationship, these verses will help you lead a more loving and peaceful relationship. We are responsible for how healthy our relationships are.

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