• The trick on how to set goals and accomplish them
    Motivation,  Self - Improvement

    The Trick on How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them

    From the time we were young, we were always told to set goals. Whether it was writing down targets or matching up to our parent's standards (keeping your room neat); these goals were and still remain important. When we set goals, we give ourselves a chance to become better individuals. Successful people set goals and have a clear plan on how they will accomplish them and stay on track.

  • The power of your mind
    Motivation,  Self - Improvement

    The Hidden Truth About the Power of Your Mind

    Have you ever done something that, for the longest time, you thought you couldn’t do? What happened? I am the one person who truly believes in the power of the mind. I have experienced it and also witnessed others change because they started believing in the power of their mind. This is a common phrase in the current time but do you truly believe in it? It is all about what you tell your mind you can or cannot do. In this post, I will share with you how to achieve things you feel or know you cannot achieve.

  • Overcome Failure
    Motivation,  Self - Improvement

    The Trick to Overcome Fear of Failure & Chase Your Dreams!

    In a recent post, I wrote about why you need to dream and dream big. Then I asked myself, what is the point of dreaming if you will not chase those dreams? I recently discovered that the main reason why we are afraid to chase our dreams is because we fear failure. How then can we overcome fear of failure? If you did not fear failure, you would have the courage to start anything. Chasing our dreams brings us closer to happiness and fulfillment. Wouldn’t it be amazing to accomplish something in life? Let’s find out how!

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