• Just say no!
    Life,  Mindful Living

    How To Say No Without Breaking A Sweat

    Are there times when you really want to say no but you just cannot? Or your friend has invited you somewhere but you really wanted to rest on that day, instead of declining the offer, you said yes? Yeah, I too have had such times. Why is it that we find it hard to say no? Is it really that hard? Let's find out.

  • how to make someone feel better
    Life,  Mindful Living

    The Truth on How to Make Someone Feel Better

    Are you perpetually making people feel miserable about themselves? There are times when one feels really low and one word could either make or break them. How can you make someone feel better about themselves? This post will discuss things you may be doing that may be hurting someone and generally how to make someone feel better by doing small things.

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