• The 5 Secrets to Resume Healthy Living After Festivities
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    The 5 Secrets to Resume Healthy Living After Festivities

    Hands up if you ate more chocolate than normal that Christmas, more candy than usual or just more food? I forgot all about healthy living. I know I'm not alone and there is someone out there who is in the same situation or even worse. Things were bad that it was possible to add 2kg in a week. That is just annoying. You ask why I'm still talking about festivities? Because January is when we pay for all of December's mistakes. In this post, I will expound on ways to help you resume healthy living after festivities. This is based on what I have done and what I have seen…

  • Christmas depression
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    Learn to Conquer Christmas Depression like a Pro

    The festive season is officially over. Ahhh! That makes me sad in a way. I don't know about you but after the festivities there is usually some sort of Christmas depression. Don't you miss just being in that spending and partying spirit? I normally feel some sort of depression especially feeling like you miss family, home, the vacations and everything festivity related. In this post, I tell you how I am able to pick myself up and get the motivation to work harder even after feeling and going through that Christmas depression.

  • Christmas on a budget

    Omg! The Best Christmas On A Budget Ever!

    December is finally here. I guess it is everybody’s favorite holiday but trust me, it is the worst time for your pocket. Everybody is shopping and getting all sorts of good stuff. But really, Christmas is about spreading love and feeling good about yourself. The interesting thing is that you do not need a lot of money to have an amazing Christmas. This is how to have the best Christmas on a budget.

  • Halloween movies

    Here Are Your Favorite Not So Scary Halloween Movies

    I am not a fun of horror movies and I am sure I'm not alone. So what do I watch during Halloween? You and I need some Halloween movies to kick start our Halloween mood but at the same time be able to have a peaceful and happy night free of nightmares. This post contains a list of not so scary Halloween movies.

  • 31 Halloween Quotes

    31 Halloween Quotes For Each Day of October

    Halloween brings a lot of different vibes, especially in October. So how about I spice it up for you by sharing Halloween quotes to caption all your Halloween posts. This means that you will not need to search daily for a caption. What matters for me is that you enjoy your Halloween!

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