• The 5 Secrets to Resume Healthy Living After Festivities
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    The 5 Secrets to Resume Healthy Living After Festivities

    Hands up if you ate more chocolate than normal that Christmas, more candy than usual or just more food? I forgot all about healthy living. I know I'm not alone and there is someone out there who is in the same situation or even worse. Things were bad that it was possible to add 2kg in a week. That is just annoying. You ask why I'm still talking about festivities? Because January is when we pay for all of December's mistakes. In this post, I will expound on ways to help you resume healthy living after festivities. This is based on what I have done and what I have seen…

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    Why You Should Be Doing These 7 Stretches Daily

    The power of stretches is often underestimated. We remember to work out but we do not stretch after. Even for those who don't work out, stretches are very important. After a day of going up and down, you really need to release the tension in your muscles. I found 7, just 7 stretches that I love and the best part about these stretches is that you can do them before bed (like I prefer to do) or after work out.

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    If You Read One Article About Home or Gym Workout, Read This One!

    Yes, yes you are in the right place. How many times have you looked for a gym then thought or maybe I can do it by myself at home? Home or gym workout? Fitness is a struggle especially in the world of today where we are looking for quick-fix solutions to our problems. Sometimes I even ask myself, must I work out? Guess what, I have never been a fan of the gym. Wanna know why?

  • Healthy Life Goals
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    Don’t Hold Back Healthy Living: Start Now!

    I’m not very sure how grammatically correct my title is, but the point is that healthy living should be a priority in your life. Healthy living means working out more often, spending less time on TV and social media, eating healthy and many other things you wish to add that will improve your lifestyle. It is not an easy task and we have enormous excuses why it is not possible to practice healthy living. Throw the excuses in the garbage and let me tell you why healthy living is a MUST.

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