• Fathers' Day special message

    Father’s Day Special Message + Free E-Cards

    Happy Fathers' Day to all the lovely and amazing dads. Being that today is Father’s Day, I thought I should pop in with a ‘micro-blog’. I have a Father’s Day special message dedicated to all the fathers. Dads are special humans whom the world often forgets to appreciate. They play a great role in our lives and - I don’t think - I know that they deserve to be told ‘Thank You’. Here is a special letter to our dear fathers.

  • Be Successful at Self Improvement
    Personal Development

    9 Fantastic Tips to Be Successful at Self Improvement

    We all have this dream self we want to be. Not even that, we have this picture in our head of the dream life; one where we have everything we have always wanted and are living happily. For you, it could be that you imagine hopping in and out of airplanes as you see the beauty in the world, for another is it is living in a big mansion with the cars they have always wanted and for someone else, it is the dream of having a family and being happy. However, at the end of the day, we long to be successful and become happy. What does it take…

  • Best Sleep Well Tips
    Health & Wellness

    The Best Sleep Well Tips You Will Read This Year

    Do you wish you would have enough sleep and still have enough time to accomplish your to-do list? I always tend to feel like I have less than 24 hours in a day. I mean, compared to the C.E.O's who are doing much more, how is it that I can't get enough sleep? I learned the trick and that is what I want to share with you. It is not about how long you sleep but how well you sleep. Simply, sleep optimization.

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