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5 Amazing Me Time Hacks That You Will Love

Who loves ‘me time’ as I do? For me, life is empty without me time. It is the time I spend to focus on myself and what I love. ‘Me time’ is the special time you dedicate to yourself alone. Whether you choose to meditate or treat yourself; all that matters is that you made time for you. Do you have regular me time?

The concept of me time can be a little complex. Some people find it very crazy while others may consider you mad for talking about me time. I am here to tell you that the best thing you could give yourself is me time. This post will break down how to set aside time for yourself, activities to do and how to enjoy the time.

Me Time

Call it crazy, extreme or whatever name. This is a key ingredient to a happy and satisfied life. If you can spare time for your family, friends etc., why can’t you spare some for yourself? 

People have become too busy running up and down. Schedules are controlling our lives and we have forgotten to schedule time for ourselves. Me time is totally dedicated to you. During this time, you should not be working or be with any other person.

‘Me time’ is an invite-only event and the only invited guest is you. If you cannot spend time alone then you are not living and loving life. 

Practicing to spend time alone boosts your energy and confidence levels. You learn more about yourself; your strengths and your weaknesses. You also get to reflect on your life, your goals, dreams, objectives and define a plan for yourself. 

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Over the last couple of months, I have been so held up that I haven’t had me time. Well, this is an excuse but let’s take that for now. In the few months, I have noticed a huge decrease in my energy level and a large increase in my frustration level. It is so easy to lose psyche and overall everything is boring.

When I had dedicated me time, I appreciated myself more. My accomplishments were more and I had booming energy. Life crept in and excuses became a daily escape to having me time. 

I have realized that there is no alternative to me time. I have tried taking time off to read a book but it does not work. Change of environment is key and also doing something that you do once in a while.

What are the hacks?

Having resumed taking time for me, I have learned a few things about me time that are amazing. 

1. Dedicate a day!

Right at the beginning of the month, mark a day in your calendar. This is a good practice because it makes you avoid any commitments for that day. It doesn’t have to be a whole day. A minimum of 5 hours (afternoon off) is still okay. If possible, let it be a weekday and scheduled every once in a month.

How good would it feel to look forward to a day just for you? 

Ensure you select an activity to do. This activity can be something you rarely do but you love doing. Whether it is going for a pedicure or going for swimming, make sure it makes you happy and fulfilled. Search deep inside for what you like doing. Even hiking is a valid activity. 

The activity should be a stress reliever. It should not involve a lot of thinking. At the end of it, you should feel energized and relaxed. I wouldn’t advice listening to music or watching a movie. Try and do something out of your normal ordinary activities. 

2. Don’t care what others say!

It does not matter what anybody thinks or says about you having time for yourself. As a matter of fact, they should respect you.

Don’t be embarrassed by who you are. They’re going to judge you no matter what you do.


Many people fear sitting in a restaurant and having a meal alone. It could be a little awkward at first but with time you will embrace the peace and quiet. Regardless of whether people think it is weird to have ‘me time’ or not; you should be able to take time off when you need.

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3. Make it about you!

This is the best way to start loving yourself. We spend a lot of time thinking about others but we forget the most important person; YOU! One of my favorite sayings is that you cannot love others if you don’t love yourself.

Of all people, you deserve the attention and time. Don’t deny yourself what you are willing to offer to others. It is among the few times I think I would consider it okay to be selfish. I mean, it is only 5 hours out of 744 hours of a month. That is not even 1%.

Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.

L. Hay

4. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself!

What’s that thing you have been dying to have? This is the perfect time. I know there is that one item you have been saving up for, go for it! Don’t have enough cash? Just buy yourself something you love that is within your budget. 

It could as small as a shirt or blouse but trust me every time you wear it, you will always remember the love you have for yourself. Writing down some affirmations for yourself is also a very good gift. Even a cup of coffee works!

Do not overspend because you might hate yourself later. Avoid doing something that will affect you negatively. This might cause you to attach a bad feeling to ‘me time’ and with time you will hate it. Be kind to yourself.

5. Appreciate yourself!

One, two, three… Congratulations to you. What are you most proud of in your life? Don’t finish ‘me time’ without telling yourself the great accomplishments you have had. Whether it was 10 years ago or 2 days ago, you deserve a pat on your back.

How do you appreciate yourself? Share in the comments.

My go to way of appreciating myself is thinking about my dreams and telling myself to believe in myself and my dreams because I know I can make it. I simply write or recite everything I love about myself.


I always love to appreciate you for reading through the whole post by giving you a bonus. As you wind up ‘me time’, write a list of 5 things you will do to show yourself more love. 

If its a diet change, write a goal to change your diet for the next few weeks until it becomes a habit. Be it a weakness you wish to work on, write it down. Don’t be mean to yourself. Avoid overworking, plenty of social media, and all the negativity. Spend more time with the people you love. 

When you make small adjustments to improve your life, you will love yourself more. As a result, you will always look forward to ‘me time’ to analyze how you performed the previous month and what you will do in the new month.


‘Me time’ is great. I cannot stress it enough. As I said, it is a key ingredient to a happy life. It is not always about others. Take time away for yourself and take care not to hurt the people you love.

You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company.

Diane Von Furstenberg

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