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El Mieles: Who Are We?

When we started El Mieles, the idea was to have a space in the internet where we would inspire people to love their lives and spread the love. We wanted to accomplish this by writing what we have learnt through our own life experiences. In the process, things turned around.

We got a better plan for you. Instead of having a lifestyle blog focused on our lives, it became a lifestyle website where you could get free advice and motivation. The focus shifted from us to you.

We all go through various challenges in our lives. The challenge most of us face is to find somebody to motivate us and help us back on the ground again. For us at El Mieles, we would like to be the website you can turn to when you feel lost. 

That is what makes El Mieles unique. Our first priority is you. What concerns us the most is that you live a healthy, motivated and happy life. We call it a lifestyle website because you can only have a happy life if you balance it all. Although a majority of our posts are motivational, we want to still inspire you to look and feel your best.

We focus a lot on motivational content and having healthy relationships. However, as we grow, we will have more content in health and wellness, travel, decor, fashion, beauty etc. As we diversify, we will ensure that regardless of the topic, we are adding value to your life.

El Mieles is therefore, the website that cares about you. In all that we do and post, our utmost concern is that it benefits you and helps you love your life enough to spread the love.

Vision: To be the one-stop website for all of life advice, from beauty, fashion, decor, travel, healthy relationships, health, all the way to living the most positive life.

Mission: To inspire people to love their life and spread love by motivating them to lead a better, healthier, and productive life.

In Other News, 

  1. In October 2018, we began publishing newsletters. Once you subscribe, you receive an access code that will allow you to view all the Newsletters.
  2. We also have Free Goodies. This contains free material for you based on a particular article. They may be worksheets, quotes, mini ebooks etc. just to help you improve something about your life. 
  3. Our latest project has been daily chats with Reina. Reina Chats is a section where Reina answers a question daily about something.
  4. We plan to introduce more exclusive content for those who truly love our content and subscribe. We will update you as soon as they launch.


Please share with all your friends and family if you enjoy the content we have for you. We appreciate your support always.

There is always something new for you every week. Stay tuned! 

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Started: June 2018

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