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Meet El Mieles

Hey you – yes you – lover life! If you are wondering what El Mieles means and how it is pronounced, then you kinda are in the right place. Also, if you came because you feel inspired by our content and want to know our story then you are in the right place.

El means ‘the’ and Miele means ‘honey’. Yas! That simple! For a long time, I had thought of changing the name because it is too difficult to remember for some of us or because it is a random name. However, today more than ever I am sure that the name will not change soon!

Honey is a symbol of sweetness and prosperity.


El Mieles is the place where you will find joy, peace, inner happiness to ensure that you are enjoying and loving the sweetness of life. In this very ‘noisy’ world, you need somebody to tell you that life is sweet and how to find the sweetness. And you know who does . . .


What do you need to prosper in life? That is our task – to remind you that every day you need to show up for yourself. Dreams won’t accomplish themselves neither will success come if you don’t search for it.

Our audience

If you are feeling tired all the time, you have lost enthusiasm for life, you want to know and understand yourself better and are looking forward to live your best life then El Mieles is for you. Whether you are dealing with fear, anger, anxiety, low self esteem, failure; you can transform all these to courage, happiness, self confidence and success if you believe in yourself.

We are driven to help everybody love and appreciate life and in turn, spread the love to the world and make it a better place. It all starts with you! Make that effort to be better because we believe in you.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Brief Background

El Mieles began in June 2018. It started as a self-managed website and still is (as of 2019). This means that only one person is responsible for writing, editing, social media management and everything else around here. The one person happens to be me writing this post.

Reina Janet, the lady behind all these, is passionate about self-growth, personal development, happiness and living a purposeful life. This passion is what drives her to inspire people to become a better version of themselves. Read more here!


El Mieles is a space of happiness, joy, love and creating a balance in life. Even though life has challenges, we believe that you can overcome them and become stronger. We conquer the world together!

We all go through various challenges in our lives. The challenge most of us face is to find somebody to motivate us and help us back on the ground again. We are the website to turn to any time because our priority is that you live a healthy, happy and motivated life. 

Our Content

Our content is based on life experiences and knowledge gained from reading and trying out different things. We put our main focus on personal growth, motivational and healthy relationship posts. Content is written from the heart and goes through an incredibly long editing process (coz I’m a true perfectionist) before it is published.

We are aware that balance is good in life. Therefore, once in a while you will have posts that are based on the current time and season! If we so happen to endorse a product, we have tried it and it helped us in one way or another.

Regardless of the topic , I ensure that all posts promote wellness.

El Mieles Summary

El Mieles

El Mieles is the website that cares about you. In all that we do and post, our utmost concern is that it benefits you and helps you love your life enough to spread the love.

Vision: To be the one-stop website for living the most positive and fulfilling life.

Mission: To inspire people to love their life and spread love by motivating them to lead a better, healthier, and productive life.


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Started: June 2018

Forgive me for using ‘we’ however it is because I have bigger dreams for El Mieles and me.

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