Life is what is happening now. You don’t know about tomorrow but this moment is assured. Enjoy it!

The Why

What does it take to live a purposeful life and a truly happy life? I turned from hating my 8 to 5 job to looking forward to go to work every day. I regained control of things that were falling apart in my life. For me, there is nothing like not enough time. That is the experience El Mieles gives you; sweetness and prosperity in your life. We want you to live a life that makes you happy, where every day feels great, where you have time to do all those things you want to do and where you sleep knowing that you have truly lived that day.

Join El Mieles Family

Imagine being part of a community that supports you, shows you that you have unlimited potential and always inspires you to be a better person. El Mieles is about bringing sweetness and prosperity to your daily life. By joining us, you get early access to our programs, get an exclusive inspirational email once a week and you are always the first to know if there is anything new we have for you. We really know how much privacy means to you hence we respect it. Don’t wait any longer to start loving your life, be a part of us today.

Our Services

Life Coaching

Live a purposeful life, achieve your greatest dreams, discover who you are and create the kind of life you want to live. We turn limited to limitless and powerless to powerful. Incredible life transformation occurs.


Create the life of your dreams, define your own success, become your true self and learn to learn. Get inspired to move beyond your barriers and turn failure into opportunity for success. Love your life more.


Short online workshops or online courses based on various topics in personal development, career, spirituality and health. Learn to live a holistic life and create a healthy balance in life.

el mieles values

What we stand for


We believe and encourage you to really be yourself and not allow the anybody to define who you are. We also stand by who we truly are and work with people ready to be themselves.


We are responsible for who we are and you too are responsible for your life. You are responsible for the choices you make and the life you live. We guide you to make choices true to you and only you.


We are your personal cheerleader for you live a purposeful, successful, authentic and responsible life. All we want for you is to truly love your life, be happy, spread love and lead a life true to you.

El Mieles, Honey Sweet Life

About Us

El Mieles came about when Reina Janet – the founder – felt the need to inspire people to love their life and spread love. She feels that if everybody loves their life and takes care of themselves first, the world would be a better place. She uses El Mieles to teach people the importance of loving their own life, how to love their life and how to take care of themselves. El Mieles therefore cares for you and through our services, we ensure that you are empowered, inspired and transformed.
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On The Blog


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what happiness is

Can You Truly Answer What is Happiness

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